Adl 41 advertising and sales promotion

Write short notes on any three of the following. What is the role of product-life cycle in advertising? Five years after the initial debacle, the Hoover Holiday Pressure Group continued to be an awkward reminder for the company. Assignment — B 1. Discuss the advertising mix factors with the help of examples and how advertising is integrated with these mix factors.

Explain Push and Pull promotional strategies?

A second problem occurred during subsequent periods when sales feel to below their pre-incentive levels. Questions to be answered: Give reasons with the help of suitable examples. Assignment — C 1. The first problem occurred when Hoover could not satisfy demand for its vacuum cleaners and had to resort to paying its staff overtime rates of pay in order to increase supply.

In these conditions, most vacuum sales were replacements for worn out machines or first time buys for people setting up home. What sort of research should be undertaken to know the buyers attitude and behaviour?

Only after addressing these questions, he considers that he can able to recommend the Managing Director of Philips on how to increase the market share of Philips in the stereo systems market. What are the inherent problems for a company such as Hoover in assessing the effectiveness of sales promotion activity?

Discuss the strategy for promotion and advertising for new product launch by any service industry. What are the marketing mix factors that David John is talking about? Define market segmentation and product life cycle?

David John has been appointed as a marketing and advertising manager in Philips India Limited which deals in stereo systems besides other products.

ADL 41 Advertising & Sales Promotion V3

The company had carried out insufficient research prior to launching its incentive. All sales promotions are based on an assumption of take-up rates, which can be as low as per cent.

ADL 41 Advertising and Sales Promotion V2

Discuss the process involved in the selection of an advertising agency.advertisement and sales promotion-adl from roopak gupta players in the advertising world advertiser- they can be classified in to government or private.

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Sales Promotion Sales promotion is one of the four aspects of promotional mix. (The other three parts of the promotional mix are advertising, personal selling, and publicity/public relations.) Media and non-media marketing communication are employed for a pre-determined, limited time to increase consumer demand, stimulate market.

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com ADL 41 Advertising & Sales Promotion V2 Assignment - A Question 1. The classified ads of many local newspapers contained many adverts for ‘nearly new, unused’ vacuum cleaners at discounted prices and this further depressed sales of new machines once the sales promotion had come to an end.

Adl 41 advertising and sales promotion
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