Apple iphone 3gs 16gb

But if we focused on the darkest part of any image, the photo would darken accordingly. You can ask it to play a song by artist name and album, and you can request an entire playlist. Using your finger, you can slide the cursor to any point in the video and start playing from there. In either case, the music will dim while you speak.

Alternatively, if we focused on the brightest part Apple iphone 3gs 16gb an image, the entire picture would appear brighter. You can get both memory sizes in white or black, and the iPhone 3GS display sports a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating that is supposed to attract fewer fingerprints and smudges.

Overdue as it is, the new Voice Control feature goes far beyond just making calls. The video recorder has a simple interface and you can edit clips right on the display. When the border turns yellow, you can shorten the clip by dragging either end toward your desired cutoff point the image on the display will conveniently change as you move along.

Photos taken during cloudy days were less likely to be blown out, and photos in low-light conditions looked brighter and had less of an orange tint. Outdoor shots and photos taken in natural light looked less blurry in our tests, with brighter colors.

Apple iPhone 3GS - 16GB - White (AT&T) A1303 (GSM)

As you point the lens toward your subject, a small box appears on the center of the display. Say, "Play more songs like this," and the player will use your iTunes Genius list to play a related song.

Tapping that square focuses the camera automatically on that point and adjusts the white balance, color, contrast, and exposure accordingly. For a full gallery of shots taken with the camera, see our iPhone 3GS camera slideshow. The same goes for iPhone Classic owners who never made the jump to the iPhone 3G.

Indoor shots without natural light showed little change, however. Voice Control performed better when using only numbers. If you need a refresher on such elements as the clock, YouTube, weather, iPod player, calculator, and e-mail, please see our iPhone 3G review.

Video recording The iPhone 3GS is the first iPhone to offer video recording, another feature other phones have offered for years. We also like a new feature that allows you to quickly open a photo or video that you just shot. The feature was accurate most of the time, but it occasionally confused some artist names.

As intuitive and simple as the interface is, it becomes unwieldy after you get above four menu pages. With the Voice Control feature, you can make calls and control the iPod player. Unsure which song is playing?

Apple iPhone 3G

After taking your snap or video, a small thumbnail will appear on the bottom of the viewfinder next to the shutter control. If the iPhone makes a mistake, you can press an "undo" touch control at the bottom of the screen. The iPhone 3GS puts some of those fears to rest.

If you own an iPhone 3G, but are not yet eligible for the upgrade, we recommend upgrading to the new iPhone OS 3. You can find out by asking, "What song is this?Apple iPhone 3G smartphone.

Announced Jun Features ″ TFT display, 2 MP primary camera, 16 GB storage, MB RAM, Corning Gorilla Glass. Apple iPhone 3GS smartphone. Announced Jun Features ″ TFT display, MP primary camera, 32 GB storage, MB RAM, Corning Gorilla Glass. Product Information. With a inch display screen, the Apple iPhone 3GS gives you the maximum control over your phone for enhanced and effortless navigation.

Apple iPhone 3GS A (GSM Only) White Cell Phones & Smartphones Apple iPhone 3G A (GSM Only) White Cell Phones & Smartphones This. The iPhone 3GS is the first iPhone to offer video recording, another feature other phones have offered for years.

Apple makes up for some lost time by offering an easy-to-use video-editing option. This update to the iPhone 3G upgrades to a faster processor ( MHz), a 3 megapixel auto-focus camera, voice control, video recording capabilities, and 16GB of /5().

Apple iphone 3gs 16gb
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