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If Comcast was a human the sumabich would be an 18th century elixir salesman or a greedy conniving landlord Aug 7, by FUck on Fuck You Comcast!

All they said was that they never made an appointment for me.

How to Negotiate a Lower Comcast XFinity Bill

This should get you connected to an XFinity retention specialist, who have a little more power to offer discounts than other customer service reps, or so the theory goes.

This is the price we offer new customers.

Fox rejected an offer from Comcast before Disney buyout: filing

OK, may I ask why? He cancelled this unrequested date. Aug 15, by R on Fuck You Comcast! Told billing guy whole story and went through verification again. Aug 14, by J on Fuck You Comcast! We ended up paying it rather than wasting hours Comcast research paper to find someone to fix it.

Take my money Been dealing with Comcast or Xfinity or whatever they call them selves this week off and on for over 35 years. FUKU Fucking worst shit corporate assholes on the planet. All they do is credit your account 5 dollars.

Lets see what ATT can help. Companies serving English speaking clients however must have articulate service people with well developed communication skills, and Comcast fails at that.

I demanded someone come tonight. Kms Internet goes off every mins then comes back on after mins. Aug 25, by Bob on Fuck You Comcast!

They called the support number and got someone right away. We the people should return the favor! They never showed up.

I have been living at my house for three years with no problems with with my fiber. It took a year of calling, writing and crying to get the fees removed.

I then gave him my correct email address, he said OK, and said to check my email inbox, I did, nothing came through, and then the phone disconnected. Aug 23, by Tori on Fuck You Comcast! Probably any would be better then ComASS. We have called about this several times in the past and only one technician did anything about it.

Aug 17, by Screw you on Fuck You Comcast! Their customer service is a disgrace. Yet 3 other providers area literally available across the street. The bitch at the call center kept telling me "sir you need to calm down.

Murdoch also controls the conservative-leaning Trump-aligned Fox News Channel. I want to anal fuck all comcast employees The Title says it all. Time for comcast to be shut down for good. They charge outrages rates and I have shit service.

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Do you have a package with less cable channels? Nonetheless, Seven times today was enough.

Comcast Founder Ralph Roberts Dies at 95

I picked up the phone and called XFinity customer service number: Aug 18, by Brad on Fuck You Comcast! All they had to do was ask me about the cable wiring here before sending someone out.

I have zero loyalty to you. If everybody would return the comcast equipment and cancel, comcast would go down the toilet, where they belong! Shoddy workmanship on installation.You’re not alone Users all over the country are finding out daily that suddenly, for no apparent reason at all, they are unable to send mail if they want people to reply to their business or personal e-mail addressed other than one that is Now what.

Fuck You Comcast

Comcast is now focusing on its bid for Sky PLC, a satellite company based in competition for that asset is Fox, which will be flush with Disney's cash assuming the deal goes.

Comcast has expanded its gigabit speed internet service in Florida and it is now available across the majority of the company's service area across the state. May 31,  · 1.

Comcast Remote Codes for TV

Find the 5 digit codes that correspond with the brand of your TV, DVD, or other device in the list below. You may want to write them on a scrap of paper. Fox founder Rupert Murdoch, 87, favors Disney, and this has complicated deal-making for Comcast.

Murdoch chose Disney late last year as the buyer for Fox assets despite Comcast's higher offer and he has renegotiated the Disney deal recently to make it easier for Disney to up its bid to $71 billion in cash and stock, beating out Comcast's $65.

At Comcast, your career options are endless. We recognize that our employees are vital to our success and we're constantly on the lookout for dynamic individuals who can bring a unique style to our group.

Comcast research paper
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