Comparing and contrasting martin luther junior and malcolm x

He started promoting non-violent sabotage, which including blocking the normal functioning of government. The original Martin Luther was originally a Catholic monk who disagreed with certain practices of the church and became the founder of the Lutheran Church. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were leaders who Initially it was Gandhi who was known for his non violence behavior; rather condemn his own party against violence.

Malcolm X had no problem with a more violent direct approach. King was brought up by a rich black family,with a good education, and a good chance at life. Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr are the example of those great leaders who made their way under a very unfavorable conditions and circumstances.

Philip Randolph and Martin He saw no evidence that white society had any moral conscience and promoted the role of the angry black against racist America. Malcolm X used direct and to the point language which could be understood by all levels of society.

King led the Montgomery Bus Boycott and assisted found the southerly Christian Leadership Conference inserving as its 1st chairman.

His mother became mentally ill so he was sent to a foster home.

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In this speech, he openly condemns American involvement in the Vietnam war. He started to use cocaine and set up a burglary ring to support his expensive habit.

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King are both remembered Malcolm X corrected himself after his break with the black Muslim movement. This essay is for my Seminar Class. Their speeches and rallies often led to protests, speeches, and eventually the assassinations of both men. MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question.

Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi success with nonviolent activism, Martin Luther traveled to Gandhi place of birth in India in The man and his times Martin Luther King was an equally strong speaker. Martin Luther King and other 60, Martin was a peaceful man, his father was a southern Baptist preacher; and he as a young boy decided that was where his path was leading as well.

I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I do not believe in the brotherhood with anybody who does not want brotherhood with me," pg. For most of the time that he spent as an Islamic minister, he preached about separatism between blacks and whites.

A man who gave his 13 years to a continuous struggle to get freedom for his people was dead. Similarities and Differences Both the men were true leaders and led their nation to get high place in a society Both are the believers of non violent method Martin Luther King had struggled a lot compare to Gandhias latter was struggling against a ruling party in his own country while all the nations was behind him to support him on all issues, where as King was struggling against a Black and white phenomenon which was present all around the world at that time.

There should be no discrimination on the basis of caste, color or creed.

What Are Some Similarities Between Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Thoreau?

They are both remembered, each for different reasons. He was assassinated by members of the Black Muslim movement on February 21, Even though they were different in addressing their messages about black respect and pride, they both had the same goal in mind. During his childhood, Malcolm X suffered not only from abuse by whites, but also from domestic violence.

King preferred a non violent approach while Malcolm X felt that heneeded to make his point by any means necessary. It is been known that Martin Luther was looking for freedom only not Malcolm x who actually was looking for a new community for the black society in fact.

Comparing Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

His principal bequest was to ensure advancement on civil rights in the America, and he has become a human rights icon. Martin Luther King Jr. He also talked about how the white man still sees the black man as a slave.

In this speech, King urges black people to never forget their dreams. King, on the other hand, became somewhat angry at the lack of progress made on equality.

After being sent to prison for drug use he was converted to Islam and prior to that was pro segregation.

constrast and comparison of Gandhi, Malcolm X, and martin luther king on the topic of violence

He also urged blacks to do this in a non-violent matter," pg.Comparing Gandhi Martin Luther King Jr. The Search for Peace by Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin & Malcolm & America In this paper, there will be a primary focus on two of the most prominent leaders during the civil rights era.

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Junior. Timelines for comparing Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. (Lesson Presentation). Students will love comparing and contrasting these amazing creatures using graphic organizers.

Students will also be provided with research opportunities to learn more about insects and spiders. Martin Luther King Junior Thematic Unit With Readers.

In the chart below is a comparison of the two greatest leaders of the Civil Rights movement, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Leader. Question: Martin Luther King: Malcolm X: Religion: Describe the religious outlook of King and Malcolm X: Southern Christian.

He was a Baptist minister. Search Results. Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm x Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X can both are expressed their views on the living conditions of African Americans though two different speeches by their non-violence versus their armed self –defense, language used, and unity with.

Compare Contrast Essays - Comparison of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. in the Civil Rights Movement. Essay on Comparing Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

In the case of Doctor Martin Luther King Junior, it was a “dream for the future” that eventually changed the world. Before Doctor King’s dream could change the world, however, it had to change a nation.

Martin Luther King Essay. Martin Luther King Jr was born on January 15,

Comparing and contrasting martin luther junior and malcolm x
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