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The notes are no longer produced and usually not used as currency anymore, although they are still legal tender. The use of the term as an inhabitant of the island of Great Britain or the UK is relatively recent. This decision courted some controversy, with tabloid press campaigns, in particular that of the Daily Mail, launched to "save Britannia".

Their core emphasis across portfolios is on healthy, fresh and delicious food and they are the Csr of britannia Zero Trans-fat Company in India. They deliver a complete sensory experience, in every product, every time.

The two "Britannias" gave rise to the term Grande Bretagne Great Britain to distinguish the island of Britain from the continental peninsula. Similar coin types were also issued under Antoninus Pius.

On a mount Csr of britannia, as the island of Britain itself is described to be, we seat in the supreme place, Csr of britannia the shape of a fair and beautiful nymph, Britannia herself These were meant for officers of the British Raj and their families, people used to the exacting standards of English tea-time snacking.

They take pride in their food making Csr of britannia and in our innovations, in equal measure. Bank of England note issues A figure of Britannia appeared on the "white fiver" a five pound note printed in black and white from for more than a century, until Pytheas referred to Prettanike or Brettaniai, a group of islands off the coast of North-Western Europe.

Over time, Albion specifically came to be known as Britannia, and the name for the group was subsequently dropped. The government has pointed out, however, that earlier-design 50p coins will remain in circulation for the foreseeable future.

Latin was ubiquitous amongst native Brythonic writers and the term continued in the Welsh tradition that developed from it. Ireland, inhabited by the Scotiwas never invaded and was called Hibernia. In his General and rare memorials pertayning to the Perfect Arte of Navigation, John Dee used a frontispiece figure of Britannia kneeling by the shore beseeching Elizabeth I, to protect her empire by strengthening her navy.

Modern associations[ edit ] During the s the term Cool Britannia drawn from a humorous version by the Bonzo Dog Band of the song " Rule Britannia ", with words by James Thomson [—], which is often used as an unofficial national anthemwas used to describe the contemporary United Kingdom.

They demand the best of ingredients and package their natural goodness in our products, without compromise. People living in the Roman province of Britannia were called Britanni, or Britons. Following the migration of Brythonic Celts, The term Britannia also came to refer to the Armorican peninsula at least from the 6th century.

Cool Britannia represented lates Britain as a fashionable place to be. Writing with variations on the term Britannia or Prydein in the native language appeared in many Welsh works such as the Historia BritonumArmes Prydein and the 12th-century Historia Regum Britanniaewhich gained unprecedented popularity throughout western Europe during the High Middle Ages.

From the paeans of ecstasy for that first batch of aromatic, flavour-some biscuits was born a long tradition of delectable baking - and its Indian custodian, Britannia. She also usually held or stood beside a Greek hoplite shield, which sported the British Union Flag: During the reign of Charles IIBritannia made her first appearance on English coins on a farthing of see Depiction on British coinage and postage stamps below.

The halfpennies issued during the reign of Queen Anne have Britannia closely resembling the queen herself. On another range of coinage, she is seated on a globe above waves: She is usually shown seated on a rock, holding a spear, and with a spiked shield propped beside her.

A southern part of what is now Scotland was occupied by the Romans for about 20 years in the mid-2nd century AD, keeping in place the Picts to the north of the Antonine Wall.

In the 1st century BC, Diodorus Siculus referred to Pretannia, [1] a rendering of the indigenous name for the Pretani people whom the Greeks believed to inhabit the British Isles. Britannia watermark in paper[ edit ] The Britannia watermark has been widely used in papermaking, usually showing her seated.

The products are also delivered through the Britannia Nutrition Foundation to combat malnutrition among underprivileged children. By the time of Queen VictoriaBritannia had been renewed. Sometimes she holds a standard and leans on the shield.

With the constitutional unification of England with Scotland in and then with Ireland inBritannia became an increasingly important symbol and a strong rallying point among Britons. Britannia then appeared on the British halfpenny coin throughout the rest of the 17th century and thereafter until SAY CHEESE WITH BRITANNIA!

NEW AT. Biscuits. Breads. Dairy. Cakes & rusk. Biscuits. Britannia is committed to help secure every child’s right to growth and development through good food everyday.

Its largest power brand, Tiger, is also being rolled out, fortified with iron. Your Company was also the first in the industry to remove trans fat from most its biscuits as yet another meaningful step in offering products that are.

The Rotary Club of Madras recently conferred the “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award” on Britannia Industries Ltd.

The award was given in recognition of the good work done by the. CSR INITIATIVES Britannia one of the India‟s largest food brands recognized for its best and innovative products, services and marketing.

In the year the company was started in Calcutta with just Rs. and today the company is known as Britannia.5/5(2). Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate social responsibility forms an essential part of Britannia Mining’s operational strategy.

The principles that govern our relationship with host communities are based on trust, transparency, long term commitment, and sustainability. We believe that moving towards a more secure future lies in implementing the foundations for sustainable development.

Corporate Social Responsibility

View Notes - Britannia Industries Limited- CSR Policy from HR at Xavier Institute Of Social Service. BRITANNIA INDUSTRIES LIMITED CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY POLICY I.


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