Essay on unsung heroes of india

She conquered all the five oceans of the world by breaking the world records. All of 24 at the time, she had no official badge or government support for this rescue operation. The Rampa Rebellion that involved some tribal leaders along with some of the sympathizers to fight against the oppressive British Raj was actually led by Sitarama Raju.

His famous last words were "Jai Mata Di". Arunima Sinha - Run over by a train, climbed Mt Everest 2 years later A national level volleyball player Arunima, 23 at the time, was traveling by the Padmavat Express when a party of thieves attacked her.

But this did not stop her from climbing extremely dangerous terrains to save thousands of stranded pilgrims and locals. Their names may have been Essay on unsung heroes of india in many of the history textbooks, but their die-hard contribution makes each and every Indian feel proud of them.

One of the most famous acts of Prakasam is when he bared his chest after tearing his shirt, evoking the British officials to shoot at him, during the protests against the Simon Commission. On the basis of the charge being vagrant, Aruna was arrested. Media coverage has made Irom Sharmila the face of tolerance and courage, one that continues to suffer as we speak.

This man is trying to make a difference in the society by distributing newspapers to poor children and making sure that they grow up as aware individuals.

Unsung Heroes

This rebellion was due the harassment that many of the tribals had to face with in the areas of the Agency. What makes India so unique yet so accessible is the spirit of the millions of Indians living through difficult surroundings and breaking norms along their way.

Unsung Heroes of Indian Independence

Peer Ali Khan was actually one of the 14 people who were ordained with capital punishment due to their rebel against the long and the oppressive British empire. As the on-call doctor hesitated to amputate his wounded leg, Major Cardozo took matters into his own hands and literally chopped his own leg off.

Most surprisingly is the fact that Hazra had carried on this procession when she was already 73 years old, thus showing that age is a mere number when it comes to having nationalist feelings. And the list goes on and on. He would work on mathematics during the day and sell paapad in the evening.

In spite of being shot three times, she kept on marching being quite a lot wounded. The major then asked the doctor to "Go and bury it". Babar Ali is one among those Indian heroes who are working expecting nothing in return.

India’s Unsung Heroes of the Sports World

Major General Ian Cardozo - Cut his leg off and ordered to bury it A hero of the war, the then Major Cardozo was making his way through a minefield to aid a wounded soldier when he stepped on a landmine that blew his leg off. Feb 11, at Purna Malavath - The youngest girl to climb Mt.

Ananya Panigrahi Swimming — She is not old enough to drive a car or even had her sweet 16th birthday for that matter, but this 14 year old will be the youngest athlete representing India in this years games.

While he started imbibing within himself quite strong nationalist feelings, Aurobindo took the resort of pen, that soon made him to start writing inspirational poetry along with quite a lot of revolutionary text for inspiring the Indian masses to speak and stand against the infamous British Raj.

When Prakasam came up with such an act of defiance, the police had to give way to him as well as to the other supporters.7. Anandibai Joshi - First woman doctor from India.

Born in and married off at the age of 9, Anandibai Joshi overcame repression and stigma at a time when women's education was deemed irrelevant by the patriarchal society.

6 Unsung Heroes Of India’s Freedom Struggle

An Unsung Hero in the Story of America's Independence Words | 5 Pages. An Unsung Hero in the Story of America’s Independence Thomas Paine was a political philosopher, a solider, an abolitionist, and one of the most significant supporters of the American war for independence.

6 Unsung Heroes Of India’s Freedom Struggle Somewherelost Image Source Born in 19th October, Matangini Hazra was an active participant in the movement of Indian Independence.

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15 Unsung Indian Heroes Who Deserve A Movie Based On Their Lives

For Only $/page. About Unsung Real Life Indian Heroes Kareem Bhai This man is trying to make a difference in the society by distributing newspapers to poor children and making sure that they grow up as aware individuals.

Dec 29,  · Captain Vikram Batra, another champion of India’s Kargil War, was instrumental in recovering Peak situated at a height of 17, feet from the enemy.

10 Real life Indian Heroes and their unsung stories

Batra knew the vital criticalness of the crest and completed a challenging mission in power to recover the peak.

Essay on unsung heroes of india
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