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Birling is wrong and misunderstood because there are other people in world that have the same forenames and Essays sybil birling. His parents ignore the fact that their son has a problem.

This shows that she learnt nothing from the events of the night, and is willing to act as if all of the revelations brought forward about the actions of her family by Inspector Goole are completely irrelevant.

When he knew that she was going to have a baby and saw that she had no money, and stole from his family, to keep her stable. Priestley create dramatic tension at the end of act two? Gerald is a weak character. Priestley uses a character like Eric as he says that we should be more aware and care for people that are most vulnerable, like Eric with his addiction.

It is clear from the start of the act that Eric is anxious about something. Her deceit is presented by her being two faced as she lies to herself. Birling knew she had the power and used it in a wrong way.

This shows a level of immaturity in Mr and Mrs Birling, whereas Sheila who has been treated like a child up until this point comes across as very mature.

This is ironic because Sheila is acting more mature than Mrs Birling and Mrs Birling is acting more like a child. Mr Birling thinks that he has no responsibility over his employees.

Sheila imagines that Eva laughed at her and did not act respectfully towards her and so punishes her by having her fired. Another weakness that Eric has is that he believes his own mother kill his child and her grandchild. I think that the character is full of negativity and is quite a contrast to other characters in the play such as, Sheila and Inspector Goole.

Arthur Birling demonstrates weakness and wickedness. Priestley creates this dramatic tension at the end of act two in order to set up eager anticipation for the continuance of the action in Act three.

I believe that Priestly is trying to highlight the theme of responsibility, as Arthur Birling refuses to take any for Eva Smith, and how great his social conscience is, resulting in an unpleasant personality to the audience through this character. The inspector speaks like a judge or prophet.

The end of Act two is another cliff hanger. Dramatic tension is created through the contrast between the younger and older generations. However, we see throughout the play that he is very devious and arrogant.

Dramatic Tension

Her courage is the main reason Birling sacked her. Priestley uses this quote to show that Mr Birling is rich and thinks he knows everything. This can be seen at weakness. If he fires them then it is their responsibility what they do. Because Eric is absent from the house at this point, we see that the Inspector is probably waiting for Eric.More about Essay on Mrs Birling in An Inspector Calls.

Essay Mr Birling in J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls Words | 8 Pages; The Role of Arthur Birling in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley Words | 5 Pages; Difference in Reactions of Sheila Birling and Her Father in J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls. Priestly presents Mrs Birling as a cold-hearted unsympathetic person, who regards most people as beneath her.

Priestley describes her as 'a rather cold woman and her husbands superior'.

An Inspector Calls

Sybil Birlings' aloof and contemptuous nature is evident through her opinions directed towards lower class women. This resource pack includes essays answering the following questions: How is Arthur Birling presented in ‘An Inspector Calls’? How is Sybil Birling presented in ‘An Inspector Calls’? How is Sheila presented in ‘An Inspector Calls’?

Sybil Birling is introduced later on in to the Inspector’s questioning than the rest of the characters, entering the room in act two in a manner described “briskly and confidently” by the stage direction. The main characters of ‘An Inspector Calls’ are the Birlings’, Inspector Goole, Gerald Croft and Eva Smith/Daisy Renton.

The main characters in the play are: Arthur Birling is a successful businessman; his wife, Sybil, is very pretentious; and their unusual son, Eric, is. Essays Related to Sybil. 1. Character Profile - Sybil Birling Even more hard-faced and arrogant than her husband. Sybil seems to consider Sheila to be a child, indicating that she will only be able to understand situations when she is older and has greater experience (pg.

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