Free internship report on csr of first security bank of bangladesh

The rate of deposit collection as well as the rate of giving advance every year is increasing at a positive rate. Lack of required ideas in modern investment products.

To enhance foreign exchange operations. First Security Bank Limited developed smooth relationship with their clients and corporate business holders.

Since the inception of the bank it responded generously to the call of the flood-affected people. Increasing productivity of staff as they derive deeper meaning and value from the work that they perform, contributing to higher levels of morale and employee engagement.

Social responsibility activities are useful in developing and maintaining satisfactory relationships with stockholders, creditors and political bodies. Stakeholder theory argues that the Corporate Social Responsibility CSR refers to operating a business in a manner that accounts for the social and environmental impact created by the business.

Increasing awareness of Islamic banking among the clients. Interest rates for different types of loan and advances vary to different customers. So the employee wants to switch elsewhere.

To establish a welfare-oriented banking system. Gaining more international exposure and affiliations with organizations such as United Nations, and, Contributing to making the world a better place and achieving long-term sustainability.

Bank introduce Islamic card, which is a first time in Bangladesh. To ensure sustainable growth and establish full value of the honorable shareholders and Above all, to add effective contribution to the national economy.

Opportunity of the organization: Some other conventional banks have opened their Islamic banking branch. It donates ambulances for different hospitals of the city. They have also donated for seed trust and taka for Anjuman mofidul islam.

We are confident that this program will definitely help us to realize our career in the job market. Wide market share and stable source of fund.

The old widow and children without guardians get preference. Weakness of the Originization: To make the capital a modern city, the bank has join hands with the government. Here we believe in shared meaning, shared understanding and shared sense making. The Foundation mobilities its own people as well as donates to the relief fund opened at the government level.

Large multi-national companies were the first to identify CSR as a potential tool to improve performance and now through their supply chain they are asking suppliers to comply to their standards. There have error regarding advice. Enhancing company reputation through a much more powerful brand and improved stakeholder dialogue.

In case of services offered by all private banks in our country, FSBL has maintained high quality. Creating new lens for sourcing new business opportunities and in doing so open up new revenue sources from entirely new markets in emerging industries. Few loyal committed customer bases, lack of modern and effective technology or facilities, not enough skilled employee in some sector, considering all of these very important factors.

But it is a great opportunity for us to get used to with the operational environment of commercial banking of FSBL.

He is associated in banking field over long years. The Bank carries banking activities through its Fifty two 66 branches in the country.

It provides services even after the banking hour to special clients. Legitimacy theory also argues that the business organizations must Concentrate on the public in total and not just the investors.

These can be reflected in the quality of financial reporting and disclosures; strength of internal control system and internal audit function induction of professionally competent, independent non-executive Directors on corporate Board; formation of Audit Committee; delegation of authority to executives and staff; protection of corporate governance for strengthening organizational strength.

EXIM Bank has always been at the service of the people afflicted by those natural calamities. With a view to ensure effective participation and deep interest in the affairs of the company and as per Articles of Association of the Company and as per Bangladesh Bank Circular No.

The bank has computerized banking operation Counting machine in the teller counter has been installed for speedy and secured service at the cash counter. High attention on making quality investment and disposal of proposals.


To establish participatory banking instead of banking on debtor-creditor relationship.Internship Report on CSR of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd Part 2. Sonali Bank Limited (SBL) performances and CSR activities in context of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd., Bangladesh. Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.

defines CSR in three dimensions – 1. Documents Similar To Internship Report on CSR of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd Part 1. CSR in Islamic Bank BD 5/5(3).

Since then, First Security Islami Bank is carrying the social welfare, education, humanitarian help programs activities and so on, one of the reputed first generation banks in the growing banking sector in Bangladesh.

Thus, the title of the study is “An Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility of First Security Islami Bank Limited”. CSR Activities of Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh: A Study on DBBL First Security Islami Bank Limited (FSIBL) FSIBL always extended their assistance for the distressed community in education, health and various natural calamities as a part of CSR.

Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. Submitted to: Asheka Mahboob Maisha Roushan ID No. – Student of BBS BRAC University Internship report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement For the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) is considered to be the first interest free bank in.

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The Internship Report entitled “Corporate Social Responsibility in the Banks of Bangladesh in Context of Premier Bank, Bangladesh”, has been submitted to the d. First Security Islami Bank Limited was incorporated on 29 August as a commercial bank. It started operations on 25 October with an authorized capital of 1 billion taka.

From the bank started sharia banking. The Bank sponsored the National School Hockey Tournament.

Free internship report on csr of first security bank of bangladesh
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