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Despite the fact that they have lower incomes, the female garment workers were spending the same amount as the male workers on the studies of their family members. The national labor movements are continuously demanding for National Minimum Wage.

In context, I have discussed about these things deliberately to let you know about. The international buyers, government, trade unions may also encourage the employers to opt for Social Accountability. RMG industry contribution to different sector Growth of RMG sector has spawned a whole new set of linkage industries and facilitated expansion of many service sector activities.

Many of the retrenched child workers have been placed in schools and are receiving a monthly stipend.

In most cases the industries do not follow proper dismissal procedure for their workers. Four are reportedly in critical condition following the stampede.

Next, move from general information to the specifics about the division or department you worked in. Some of these elements are reviewed below. More over him has no assistant.

They always try to satisfy their buyers. In FY the sector paid Prospects of the RMG Industry Despite many difficulties faced by the RMG industry over the past years, it continued to show its robust performance and competitive strength.

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The garments Industry maintains a good relationship with every buyer. Portfolio Option You may opt to submit a separate, professional caliber portfolio of your internship work instead of an appendix. The same survey further showed that female workers were spending their earnings on their marriage, thus taking a big burden off their families.

Women Seeking Accountability in the Bangladeshi Garment Industry The first wave of women to enter the garment industry in Bangladesh in the early s was driven by circumstances outside their control: Industry, along with public authorities at the local and international levels must commit to launch an immediate initiative to take on the safety issues that plague the garment industry in Bangladesh, including a structural review of multi-story buildings and facilities inspection mechanisms, explained Zeldenrust.

They have a mission and the vision is profit maximization. Make it as professional as you can. On the other hand, creation of yellow trade unions by the garments owners, imposition of self-made code of conduct, apathy to active social dialogue made ordinary workers and trade unions more vulnerable.Internship Training Report on Sunshine Garments Words | 28 Pages TITLE PAGE NO Trading and Profit Loss Account of Sunshine Garments for the year 35 Balance Sheet of Sunshine Garments for the year The main objective of this report is to analyze the garments sector of Bangladesh and relate the knowledge with the analysis of industries strength.

Free Essay: Project Report On Improving Service Level for Institutional Sales SUBMITTED FOR THE PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN.

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The OCP report helps the reader to know about the merchandising activities, practiced in Readymade garments And the buyer satisfaction level towards the merchandiser Introduction RMG (Ready Made Garment) is very important and.

Internship ReportA Comparative Analysis of Babylon Garments Limited with its competitors “A Comparative Analysis of Babylon Garments Limi /5(3). is a platform for academics to share research papers.

Internship report on garments
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