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However, archaeologists believe that this script must have been more ancient than that of the Elamite civilization. Further archaeological excavations in Jiroft historical site might help researchers to learn more about the identity of this inscription.

The second inscription that was recently discovered at the Konar Sandal Ziggurat of Jiroft is scheduled to be deciphered by teams of researchers from the University of Chicago and the University of Paris.

Jiroft writing a book in one way or another, the reason is always the same: In fact, they may represent the same cultural area. Is it possible that thousands of years before Ferdausi, the civilized people of Jiroft considered others around them to be demons too?

So, put your work out there, fail early, and try again. Worse yet, you wrote a book, but nobody cared about it. It should be noted, however, that this board is identified as a Jiroft board in two separate sources. Madzjizadeh believes or not, Jiroft is definitely the Lost Paradise for archaeologists and anyone who has a passion for ancient history.

Elam is one of the most ancient civilizations on record. Note that it was not a catalog of documented finds from the officially sanctioned Jiroft excavations. Yousef Mazidzadeh, Jiroft earliest oriental civilization Yousef Madjidzadeh, a team of international archaeologists began excavations in Writing happens in fits and starts, in bits and pieces.

Therefore, when inscription like the one that was found in the historical site of Jiroft some days ago, are discovered, we should not just pay attention to the fact that they date back to or years BC, but should point out to the fact that the creation of writing in a society needs a cultural social background forming at least since one millennium before.

At this moment, this seems to be rather a wishful thinking. These beautiful steatite vases represent amazing world of ancient myths, realities, and dreams. It had been painted to look like it was wearing a feline pelt.

By definition, these artifacts including the Jiroft game boardsripped from their original archaeological context by treasure hunters, have no legitimate provenance; at best, we can only guess as to their age and original context.


Earlier excavations in Kerman were conducted by Sir Aurel Stein around Six months after official excavations began, Madjidzadeh produces a book about Jiroft containing images of "some" of the illegally looted Jiroft artifacts that had been confiscated by the Iranian government.

Three of these game boards look like eagles, one looks like a scorpion with human head, and the other is a flat board, and all have 12 or 18 holes with similar sizes. Earlier excavations at Kerman were conducted by Sir Aurel Stein around The new discoveries during the archaeological excavations in Konar Sandal such as historical inscriptions, the most ancient ziggurat of the world, and many other historical relics have confused archaeologist and confronted them with an unknown civilization in the east.

Among artifacts 25 seals were discovered and the first undisputable evidence of writing: He has been a busy man. Embrace failure As you approach the end of this project, know that this will be hard and you will most certainly mess up. Again, I question why it took two years after Jiroft was discovered for official excavations to get underway.

10 Ridiculously Simple Steps for Writing a Book

Just see this picture comparing measurements of the Great Pyramid of Cheops Khufu to the Jiroft structure. Collective religion is needed when the population rises and social classes form.

When did you get acquainted with Halilrood civilization, Jiroft, and what did you primarily think of it? At Konar Sandal B, a two-story, windowed citadel with a base of close to Anything more complicated will get you lost.

I was informed of the excavations in Jiroft almost from the beginning. According to Majidzadeh, geophysical operations by French experts in the region indicate the existence at least 10 historical and archaeological periods in the region belonging to different civilizations who lived in this area during different periods of time in history.

And if you want to maximize your chances of finishing your book, you need a proven plan. This is bad archaeology. What happened to the others?

Either before excavations began or shortly thereafter, Dr. Just sit down and write.Dec 08,  · Things to Do in Jiroft ; Jiroft Archaeological Museum; Jiroft Archaeological Museum. 1 Review #3 of 3 things to do Write a Review.

Jiroft culture

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A. Sutherland - killarney10mile.com - For centuries, Mesopotamia was thought to be the world's oldest civilization and this was generally accepted by the people until a 5,year old temple was accidentally discovered in Jiroft Historical Site.

Jean Perrot: Jiroft Is the Archaeological Capital of the World. Tehran, about which I have recently written a book. Actually the excavations in Jiroft could have made the first chapter of my book, a chapter that could have focused on the evolution of human thought in the third millennium BC, when he entered the era later called history.

A fragment of a clay brick with an Elamitic writing has been discovered during expedition. This is the only undisputable example of writing discovered in Jiroft as of today. Dr. Madzjizadeh reported a clay impression with possible writing previously but this one was not available for verification.

Jiroft Inscription the Symbol of Eastern Civilisation. 30 May “It is believed that Jiroft’s writing language came into existence at the same time Mesopotamia started developing a writing system. He has written or co-authored three books and over eighty articles and book reviews.

He teaches a wide range of courses and seminars. The book is released at a conference in Tehran ("Jiroft: The Earliest Oriental Civilization", Organization of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Tehran, ).(8) Jiroft "officially" comes to the notice of professional archaeologists and historians.

Jiroft writing a book
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