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Juvenile Delinquency

They also come from poor families with constant friction between parents and family members. They decorated the pendal and also started playing film songs using a mike two days before the Puja. Increase of population without proportionate increase of Juvenile delinquent essay and other living conditions is one of the major causes of rise in delinquency.

In many under-developed and developing countries including many parts of India, criminal tendency of a person is looked upon as the results of evil deeds in the past life of the parents.

With the increase in urbanization and industrialization, family ties grow weaker. This should make the perpetrators understand the real extent of their actions.

Also called a doppler shift. These and many other studies have revealed that the average intelligence of the juvenile delinquents is certainly lower than the average intelligence of the normal group of children of Juvenile delinquent essay same age.

The effect of social disintegration, erosion of values, lack of sense of social sacrifice and commitment for the society may make many children social rejects. Studies have shown that delinquent acts are done in company.

There are innumerable instances where many modern youths who run away from home as a sort of reaction to their rebellious feeling, tend to join gangs indulged in delinquent behaviour, prostitution etc.

They should, therefore, try to rectify their own behaviour so that in future there is no problem from the side of parents when the child returns from the reformatory home to be rehabilitated in the society. Burks and Harrison have also stressed the function of stresses which directly threaten the adolescent feeling of inadequacy and worth as precipitating events in some cases of aggressive antisocial behaviour.

Thus, they are removed from the aversive environment and allowed to learn about the world of which they are a member. The innocent ones are caught easily because of their lack of understanding and lack of capacity to solve the immediate problems facing them. Various steps are also being taken at different quarters to prevent the rise of delinquents.

By becoming delinquents they try to get attention from their parents. It cannot, however, be presumed that mere companionship by itself causes delinquency.

There are laws that must be complied with, and not doing so is wrong by default. A child who is rejected by his parents day in and day out, develops, naturally, an inner feeling of hostility towards him.

It is found that even 50 per cent of the delinquents come from lower strata of the society with very poor economic background and hand to mouth living standard.

The average intelligence of children from the non- delinquent, but lower groups is also low. Long ago, an Italian Scientist Lumbroso made certain empirical studies on crime, and held that criminals have defective physical structure and defective intelligence.

Essay on Juvenile Delinquency

Healy reported that companionship was a single factor causing delinquency in 34 per cent of the cases while Burt gives the figure at 18 per cent.

By being engaged in such anti-social acts, he gets the satisfaction that he is really masculine. Thus, the mother is not available to take proper care of the child.

In the school the teacher should show sympathetic treatment to the Juveniles. Most of our needs and motives, attitudes and aspirations regarding food, dress, style of living are determined by our cultural values and norms of the society.

Essay on the Causes of Juvenile Delinquency

As beggars they get annoyed to see others enjoying life. They do not know what to accept and what to reject. Generally such cases are dealt in the juvenile courts Juvenile delinquent essay when the children are found guilty of the crime they are taken to the juvenile detention centres rather than the normal jails and detention centres.

B General Socio-Cultural Factors: As a child grows, he mixes with the members of the neighbourhood and always becomes an important member of their play group.

They found rebelliousness, inadequacy, impulsiveness, instability and immature characteristics commonly found in the psychopathic personality. Particularly, now a days, the incidence of delinquency is increasing alarmingly in large metropolitan cities and this has become a matter of great concern for the public and country.

Site Search Juvenile Delinquency The act of participating in a crime by a minor is considered juvenile delinquency. Delinquency as an antisocial personality is the function of certain pathological and ill developed social environment.Freeway is a modern take on the fairytale "Little Red Riding Hood." The movie depicts the struggles of Vanessa Lutz in school, her home life, and then as she tries to go to her grandmother's home after her mother and stepfather were arrested for prostitution and drug possession.

Feb 29,  · Juvenile delinquency Juvenile delinquency, also known as juvenile offending, or youth crime, is participation in illegal behavior by minors (juveniles) (individuals younger than the statutory age of majority).Most legal systems prescribe specific procedures for dealing with juveniles, such as juvenile detention centers, and courts.

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Many people use the term juvenile delinquency to include anything a young person does that is against society approval, legal or illegal. The legal term juvenile delinquent was established so that young lawbreakers could /5(3).

Essay # 1. Introduction to Juvenile Delinquency: Delinquency has always been considered as a social problem over and above the fact that it is a legal problem. This sample Juvenile Delinquency Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only.

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Juvenile delinquent essay
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