Literature review on pakistans food security

Impact of GM Foods on Pakistan’s Food Security

During this period, Sufi missionaries played a pivotal role in converting a majority of the regional Buddhist and Hindu population to Islam. Mawdudi demanded that the Constituent Assembly make an explicit declaration affirming the "supreme sovereignty of God" and the supremacy of the shariah in Pakistan.

However, use of sex pheromones has been proved to be effective in suppressing the Tutaabsoluta population and keeping it within Literature review on pakistans food security economic threshold.

The regime has mobilised tremendous increase in trade and travel among member countries, and has enhanced the chances of introduction and spread of alien pest and diseases, which is a global ecological time bomb, the explosive potential of which has just started to get full attention.

Besides potato, its alternate host plants are egg plants, datura, chenopodium and many species of the Solanaceae family. The Objectives Resolution has been incorporated as a preamble to the constitutions of, and Despite the fact that BBTD was an exotic disease, no efforts were made for its eradication.

He can be contacted on his E-mail: A number of selected traits are either added or removed from one organism to another. Literature review has suggested that Tutaabsoluta arrived in Turkey inbut in the absence of tomato crop it shifted to potato, causing huge economic loss.

Many believe that GMOs are likely to cause allergies, carcinogenicity, create new viruses, and that there are too many cases of animal rights violations and lack of labeling. As a result, the very deadly menace managed to spread to the entire banana growing regions of the country, causing economic loss worth millions of rupees annually.

Normally, it is advised to consume fresh milk within a few days, however the situation is reversed for such products. GMOs also cause allergic reactions in humans as some components of microorganisms are untested for use.

Under favourable climatic condition 8 to 10 generations can occur in a single year. It is estimated to have arrived in India in and was reported in Nepal in The technique has proven beneficial for many business and marketing franchises.

However, with the rapid development of quick means of transport, increased trade relations and establishment of new air, land and sea routes, the movement of plants and plant material have increased manifold, particularly after the implementation of WTO regime.

Foods such as milk, meat and vegetables are of greater quantity and exceptional quality. Badshahi MosqueLahore The Mughals introduced Persian literature and high culture, establishing the roots of Indo-Persian culture in the region. Moreover, Shahbaz Sharif organized the Punjab Agricultural Convention in to shed light on food security challenges.

Furthermore, the use of technology in the engineering process saves time and money. Since its economy relies heavily on agriculture, native farmers are employing alternative means of producing organic foods using biotechnology, a field not predominant in Pakistan.

On the other hand, food colors and artificial flavors are added in fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, watermelons and lady fingers to utilize maximum profits. Though it is native to South America, it managed to cross in to Spain from Chile in and has since spread across the globe, including in India and Iran 4 Mohammad Zayauddin July 14, Many insect, pests, and diseases destructive to field crops, horticulture, floriculture and forests are present in the world, but luckily all are not present in a particular country or geographical region.

Pakistan’s tomato crops — is a crisis looming?

As a result, the very deadly menace managed to spread to all the banana growing regions of the country, causing economic loss worth millions of rupees annually Tutaabsoluta is a micro Lepidoptera.

Defying quarantine barriers, it has also managed to enter into Bangladesh, Iran, Turkey and most of the Middle East. The rise of engineered foods in the 21st century has raised questions regarding ethics and morals of the exploitative nature of using technology. Initially this virus appeared on a banana plantation in a small area in Ghorabari, in district Thatta.

Pakistan is under threat of an alien insect pest, called the Tutaabsoluta or the South American Tomato Leaf Minor, which is an invasive virus that can prove to be deadly for tomato crops. Thus, the election was effectively a plebiscite in which the Indian Muslims were to vote on the creation of Pakistan, a plebiscite won by the Muslim League.

Hence, it is important to monitor the effects of GMOs and come up with alternatives to produce better and healthier foods that are not mere products of technology.The Pakistani government’s removal of a virulently anti-Shiite militant from its terrorism list at the very moment that an international money laundering and.

Published: Fri, 05 May Infrastructure is basic physical and organizational structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise, or the services and facilities necessary for an economy to function. International rankings of Pakistan. Jump to navigation Jump to search.

These are the international rankings of Pakistan Cereals,Fruits & Livestock Ministry of National Food Security and Research Fish, output oftonnes Food and Agriculture Organization Cotton, output of 10, bales: 4.

Pakistan Poverty Assessment Update A Review of Pakistan’s Poverty Literature Prepared by Ghulam Mohammad Arif Poverty Group food security, and the social sector, have been the subject of.

It has affected the infrastructure, coastal communities, and agriculture and water security in Pakistan. Carbon taxes are important for reducing the negative effects of carbon emission. Carbon taxes are formed to reduce the green house effects of gas emission through cost effective means.

May 21,  · The speaker was Junaid Hafeez, a young poet and Fulbright scholar from the south of Pakistan, telling a radio show host in why he had given up studying medicine for a life in literature.

Literature review on pakistans food security
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