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The number approved was almost twice what was targeted. In the new Immigration Act replaced all existing protocols and procedures. Consequently, the Pacific Island population in New Zealand had grown to 45, by In response, the Department of Labour established a work permit scheme for TonganFijian and Samoan migrants in Evidence from Wairau Bar and the Chatham Islands shows that the Polynesian colonists maintained many parts of their east Polynesian culture such Migration to new zealand burial customs for at least 50 years.

The Association would go on to found CanterburyNew Zealand in This system resembled that of Canada, and came into effect in Changes to the point system have also given more weight to job offers as compared to educational degrees.

The Immigration Division also established a resettlement unit to manage the resettlement of Indochinese refugees in New Zealand.

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Polynesian settlement[ edit ] Polynesians in the South Pacific were the first to discover the landmass of New Zealand. Inthe Centre was reopened after undergoing extensive renovation. As long as this demand continued, migration was accepted from the South Pacific, and many temporary workers overstayed their visas.

It was halted following a review by the Department of Labour in However, when it became clear that not enough skilled migrants would come from the British Isles alone, recruitment began in Northern European countries. English Language Applicants under the Skilled Migrant category, including those aged 16 or over who are accompanying you to New Zealand, will need to meet these English language requirements.

The Otago Association actively recruited settlers from Scotland, creating a definite Scottish influence in that region, while the Canterbury Association recruited settlers from the south of England, creating a definite English influence over that region.

European migration has resulted in a deep legacy being left on the social and political structures of New Zealand. The immigration scheme settlers were allocated quarter-acre town sections and ten-acre rural sections. However, a study-for-residency programme for foreign university students has mitigated this imbalance somewhat.

This means that applications from parents sponsored by their higher income children, or those who bring a guaranteed income or funds, would be processed faster than other applications.

Later, the other director, Mai Malaulau, was controversially appointed the head of the Pacific Branch.

Immigration to New Zealand

Government-chartered ships like the clipper Gananoque and the Glentanner carried immigrants to New Zealand. In response to demand for more workers in the manufacturing sector, Prime Minister William Massey announced the formation of an official Immigration Department in They settled mainly in west Auckland and often worked to establish vineyards and orchards or worked on gum fields in Northland.

Bymore than 6, Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees had settled in New Zealand. Overall though, New Zealand has one of the highest populations of foreign born citizens. Effectively the New Zealand Immigration Service ranks the qualities sought in the migrants and gives them a priority using a points-based scale.

New Zealand Immigration Points System

These visa application centers allowed Immigration New Zealand to share resources with its Five Country Conference partners: By more thanBritish and Irish settlers lived throughout New Zealand.Sep 14,  · New Zealand, because once you become a New Zealand citizen, you are allowed to live and work in Australia as well, so you get two countries for the price of one.

Gold Coast, where I live in Aust. The New Zealand Skilled Migrant points system is designed to allow Expressions of Interest to be ranked in order so that the New Zealand Immigration authorities can make invitations to apply for residence to those migrants who can offer the most to New Zealand.

Skilled Migrant Category | Immigration New Zealand. Interested in coming to New Zealand? Take the first step to a new life by registering your interest with Immigration New Zealand.

We’ll send you personalised emails about job opportunities in your profession, life in New Zealand and choosing the right visa. Contributes to New Zealand's economy, society and reputation through the well-managed entry and settlement of people.

Want to leave South Africa and obtain permanent residency in New Zealand? Network Migration is here to help.

Skilled Migrant Category

Known for its unrivalled natural beauty, its diverse cultures and its myriad of new and exciting opportunities for skilled workers, there’s no shadow of a doubt that New Zealand is a wonderful place to live. Welcome to the New Zealand Government’s official immigration website.

Immigration to New Zealand - What do you need to know?

Visit us to find out how to apply for a visa, to visit, study, work or live in New Zealand.

Migration to new zealand
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