Paper mario sticker star world 2-2 help

After collecting all the stickers you need, leave through the exit on the right. Hitting the wrong block will cause a Snifit battle. Hop onto the tree stump the Wiggler segment is on, and peel him out of the hole he got himself stuck in. Again, Mario will drop down to another game room for the final game, Unrelentingly Exciting Shuffle Game.

Once you are at the top and near the piece of the Sticker Comet, you have the options to go down two different slides back to the bottom. Once you go up the stairs, head into the door on the left.

Luigi locations Search the indicated background locations to find Luigi in the background. Inside, find the head of Wiggler as he recounts what happened since you last saw him in World Head back to World and move through the exit on the right, then into the north exit in the room after that.

Head right and enter the next door. Reclaim all the stickers you lost that have scattered to every room of the level.

Enter the door you land in front of. Hit the left wall with your hammer to have it tumble down. As Mario leaves the town, he gets ambushed by a trio of Goombas.

Gooper Blooper will attack with his four tentacles. Head into the next exit. Grab the piece of the Sticker Comet and head out of the level.

Mario and Kersti head to Whiteout Valleywhere they use the portrait to fill the hole. She jokes that she wants to change her career, and Mario, Peach, and Bowser laugh.

Other types of attack stickers include Fire Flower and Ice Flower stickers that burn and freeze enemies, respectively. Head back to the area with piece of the Sticker Comet and enter Paperize mode to place the Bowser Tape over the wall. Back outside, appraoch the resting Wiggler segment.

The enraged boss begins to battle alone, but Mario defeats him and obtains the first Royal Sticker.Nov 09,  · Welcome to our Paper Mario Sticker Star Walkthrough!

Here, you'll find assistance with puzzle solutions, sticker locations, boss strategies, and more! Select from a chapter below to get started. Paper Mario Sticker Star - Gameplay Walkthrough World - Drybake Stadium Paper Mario Sticker Star - Gameplay Walkthrough World - Drybake Stadium.

Paper Mario Sticker Star Hp-Up Heart Location 4 – At the end of world you will be on top of the Yoshi sphinx. Instead of grabbing the star drop of the edge in front of you.

This will make you fall right next to the hp up. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Paper Mario: Sticker Star Walkthrough – Chapter 3 Guide Contents.

World – Leaflitter Path Deafest Gooper Blooper and reclaim the third Royal Sticker to finish World 3! Guides. Super Mario Odyssey; Paper Mario: Color Splash; Super Mario 3D World; New Super Luigi U; Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon; Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

Paper Mario Sticker Star Guide: Hp-up Heart Locations

Mar 06,  · You can collect the Sticker Comet now if you’d like, but you still have a few more things you can collect if you’re shooting for that %. First, head north and slide off the top of the Sphinx.

When you land, you’ll be able to collect the HP-Up Heart you saw earlier.

World 2-2 Yoshi Sphinx Download
Paper mario sticker star world 2-2 help
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