Pediatric case studies for occupational therapy

After scouring industry tradeshows for a solution, she came upon WebPT. Instructors in educational settings can visit www.

Pediatric Therapy Center of Bucks County

It is user-friendly, intuitive, and continually updated based on feedback from the therapists who use it. Challenges Because physical therapists assess patients with a wide array of illnesses and issues, they face a host of documentation challenges. Download the case study Please enable JavaScript to submit form.

Solutions Before opening her clinic, Stack set out to find the best documentation solution for her practice. Clinic owner and physical therapist Deborah Stack focuses heavily on working with the local community to help create therapy programs for teens and pre-teens with disabilities.

There are no bulky charts to carry home, store, or get misplaced! Having a portable system also was important to Stack as pediatric physical therapists tend to make a lot of home visits. The text includes more than 40 cases that include client overviews, relevant history and background information; information regarding the analysis of occupational performance; information about progress in treatment; and questions to promote the development and refinement of clinical reasoning skills.

This is especially true for pediatric therapists, who must document developmental skills on top of collecting data from many different systems: Streamlined documentation process with pediatric-specific templates. Security was another feature that separated WebPT from all the rest.

The pediatric module is not an additional add-on. That meant pediatric therapists like Stack wasted loads of precious time creating workarounds in one-size-fits-all models so they could correctly document patient encounters.

In addition, supplemental information, photographs, and video clips help to bring the cases to life. Assessment and Intervention is designed to provide a comprehensive collection of case studies that reflects the scope of current pediatric occupational therapy practice. Now that I have WebPT, everything is on the web-based server—even the initial intake forms from my clinic that are uploaded with eDoc.

Cases in Pediatric Occupational Therapy will guide occupational therapy students, faculty, and practitioners through effective clinical decision making during the selection of assessment procedures and the development of client-centered and context-specific intervention plans.

Before WebPT, therapists in a variety of specialties had to adapt generic documentation templates to meet their particular needs. Increased efficiency and productivity with built-in pediatric coding and billing mechanisms and note-tracking. Susan Cahill and Patricia Bowyer, along with more than 50 contributors, begin each section with an introduction to the practice setting and direct instructors and students to additional resources for more information.

Shortly thereafter, WebPT introduced the first pediatric therapy-specific documentation module in the industry. Enabled therapists to securely access patient records during home visits.

Although WebPT did not offer a pediatric solution at the time, the company recognized the need for a pediatric-focused documentation solution and was in the process of developing pediatric therapy modules to integrate with their web-based, therapy-specific EMR system.

Cases are presented from various practice settings, including: Stack even had the opportunity to test the solution before it was released to the public. They also must perform and record results from a wide range of standardized testing procedures to validate assumptions.With frequent—and free—automatic system updates, Pediatric Therapy Center of Bucks County no longer has to worry about expensive upgrades to remain complaint.

Case Studies Resources Pediatric occupational therapists evaluate children through observation, direct testing, and information gathered from parents and teachers. Assessment strategies depend on the age of the child, presenting UW LEND – Occupational Therapy Module.

5. A Pediatric Case Example: Application of the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice Kay received physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as instructional services.

Using the mobility section of the Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory, (PEDI) you. Occupational, and Speech Therapy At Kaleidoscope we are dedicated to providing children with comprehensive, compassionate, and dynamic evidence-based therapy.

Our holistic approach and wide range of therapists assures families that their child is receiving the highest level of care at Kaleidoscope.

Cases in Pediatric Occupational Therapy: Assessment and Intervention is designed to provide a comprehensive collection of case studies that reflects the scope of current pediatric occupational therapy practice.5/5(1). Transcript of occupational therapy paediatric case study Outcome by Fatimah Az-Zahraa binti Amir Farid, A pediatric case study: AUTISM Intervention based on STGs Person-Environment-Occupational Performance Cognitive-behavioral - to facilitate teaching and learning behaviours.

Pediatric case studies for occupational therapy
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