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Except for a few countries almost every Nation is entangled in a conflict of one or the other kind among the majority Powersharing essay minority communities or varied ethnic and regional groups. Cambridge University Press Power is shared among different organs of government, such as the legislature, executive and judiciary.

Power-sharing is a method, a powerful strategy for settling all kinds of conflicts, disputes, claims, regarding Powersharing essay and use of political power in a Democratic system.

Language is a major political issue in Belgium. Article 29 b of the Sri Lankan constitution of gave special protection to them. Whether in South Africa, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, or Lebanon, in the immediate term, formal power sharing has been an effective confidence-building device to ensure that all groups with the capacity to spoil Powersharing essay peace settlement should be included in the institutions and given influence in decision-making.

These Tamils are the followers of either Hinduism or Islam, whereas the majority community of the Sinhala follows Buddhism. A Comparative Exploration New Haven: Both the communities would scramble for control over Brussels.

Matching Problems to Solutions A key Powersharing essay of consociational power-sharing is the mutual veto, whereby decisions are only made with the widest possible consent and only with a near consensus. This led to emergence of tensions between the two communities.

According to the demographic data, 59 percent of the Belgians speak Dutch and reside in the Fleming region in the North. Another 40 percent of them speak French and live in Walloonia region towards the south.

Power Sharing in India: Sri Lankan Tamils are concentrated in the North and the Eastern parts of the country and form majority in these areas, but on the other hand they are a minority in rest of the country. On the other hand, the groups devoid of this power tend to demand a substantial and considerable change in the system and claim a share in the exercise of political power, which the dominant group usually does not accept.

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The CBSE-i aims to carry forward the basic strength of the Indian system of education while promoting critical and creative thinking skills, effective communication skills, interpersonal and collaborative skills along with information and media skills. In matching options to solutions, much depends on the level of enmity between the contending groups, the trajectory of the war e.

This is not a purely academic question. Students must realize that sharing political power is not an easy task as, whichever community is in majority in whichever country, it aspires to control political power and tends to impose its will on the entire population, many a times ignoring the interests of the minority communities.

They have their sentiments attached to this land and are culturally, historically and psychologically associated with it. In this case, power-sharing finally leads to peaceful power-dividing. However, this often leads to the use of "political blackmail.

Power Sharing

Similarly, judges can check the functioning of executive or laws made by the legislatures. Power Sharing in Different Organs of Government: It promotes peaceful co-existence among diverse groups, ethnic Nationalities, and minority communities of a Democratic Nation and creates unity among them.

Therefore, it is required that we accept Powersharing essay accommodate such diversities and extend equal rights to them The unit also intends to create an understanding and appreciation among students regarding benefits of power sharing for the society along with the Nation.

The learner has to understand, appreciate, protect and build on values, beliefs and traditional wisdom, make the necessary modifications, improvisations and additions wherever and whenever necessary.

People of a country belonging to any of the regions, areas, communities, or ethnic groups of the country have a right to be informed and consulted, on how they are going to be administered and governed. We can easily imagine what could happen in these two countries.

This would accentuate and aggravate the conflict among these communities further leading to bitter and painful disintegration of the country. Democracy and Deep-Rooted Conflict: The Fiji experience points to how a well-conceived process, featuring a balanced panel of experts with firm political support, can arrive at creative solutions specifically tailored to a unique set of problems.

All of whom were French, living in South Belgium, in the Walloonia region.

For example, ministers and government officials exercise power, they are responsible to the Parliament or State Assemblies. Through the case study of Belgium and Sri Lanka, this unit will enable the students to not only understand the political systems of these countries but also to have an insight into their problems and ethnic conflicts.

A desire for progress, and growth, a good respectable standard of living, social-justice, cultural recognition, economic equality, growing awareness among people, regarding interdependence have led to the demand for political autonomy and self-determination among diverse communities of a country.

Cambridge University Press, The majority community of the Nation is a minority in the National capital.

How Is Power Sharing Done in India Essay

Powersharing, thus helps in reducing the threat of a conflict by giving all potential parties to any disputea share in peaceful cooperation, and a set of mutual agreements and assurances of social security, and the protection of their basic interests.

Need for power-sharing Civil conflict is like a curse for most of the countries of the world today, specifically the developing ones, which have huge ethnic and regional diversity, where these groups are even entangled in bloody wars or use violence to resolve the civil strife.

It is actually essential to the basic design of a Democracy to have power sharing among all its stakeholders and claimants of political power. A Flemish movement struggled peacefully in order to attain equal rights and was successful in achieving most of these. Belgium has the Netherlands, France and Germany as its immediate neighbours, which also share a deep connection with the historical past of this country.Finish Line & Beyond PO W E R SH A R I N G Power Sharing: Power sharing is the very spirit of democracy.

A democratic rule involves sharing power with those affected by its exercise, and who have to live with its effects. Power Sharing in India: India is a democratic country.

People of India elect their representative through direct franchise and representatives elect the government to make or amend rules & regulations and to carry out day to day functioning of governance. Power sharing is a term used to describe a system of governance in which all major segments of society are provided a permanent share of power; this system is often contrasted with government vs.

opposition systems in which ruling coalitions rotate among various social groups over time. Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Disadvantages Of Power Sharing". Powersharing. Essay by dewiwilks, University, Bachelor's, October download word file, 2 pages, Downloaded 25 times.

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Preface This International Curriculum initiated by Central Board of Secondary Education – (CBSE) is a progressive step in making the educational content and methodology more sensitive and responsive to the global needs.

It signifies the emergence of a fresh thought process in imparting a curriculum which would restore the autonomy of the learner to pursue [ ].

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