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The argument of secondhand smoke as a public health issue convinced employees of smoking establishments as well as the general public that passive smoking posed a serious health risk. Surgeon General in the fight against secondhand smoke.

Workers argued that their health was in jeopardy from constant exposure to the secondhand smoke of others in their workplace or patrons of the establishment. Aside from the danger in certain establishments, where smoking would interfere with flammable materials or general cleanliness, workers claimed that passive smoking increased health risks of heart disease, cancer, and respiratory-related problems.

Secondhand Smoke as a Social Problem Takeshi Hirayama published the first study that examined the relationship between passive smoking and lung cancer inconcluding that wives of heavy smokers were more likely to develop lung cancer than wives of nonsmokers.

Other health risks include asthma, stunted growth, coronary heart disease, and lung cancer. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit overturned this decision in on technical grounds. However, so far little research evaluates the effect of legislation on particular social groups. This smell coupled with the actual smoke are what pollute the atmosphere.

A Tobacco Control Scorecard. In the following decade, EPA, the U. Others argue that smoking rates do not change because tobacco users will simply find elsewhere to smoke. Other regions, like the United Kingdom, have countrywide regulations. It also notes the exposure of almost 22 million children to secondhand smoke.

These cordoned off areas have a common underlying belly of possessing a distinct smell. The American Lung Association states that secondhand smoke causes approximately 3, lung cancer deaths and 22, heart disease deaths among U. Policy analysts decipher the level of public support of smoking bans, if businesses comply with legislation, and what additional policies aid overall effectiveness e.

Another aspect of second hand smoke is the fact that it pollutes the atmosphere. Surgeon General, and other advocates, in conjunction with counterclaims made by the tobacco industry.

Research also suggests that smoking bans affect youth smoking. In addition to public smoking bans, taxation, media campaigns, increasing law enforcement for underage users, advertisement restrictions, youth education, and cessation services also may contribute to reducing secondhand smoke.

Other programs, laws, and policies focus on prevention and helping current smokers to quit. The mere fact that these smokers have cordoned off smoking zones does not take away from the fact that the cigarette smoke and smell spreads into other areas.

One of the strongest arguments that pushed public smoking bans was from the employees of smoking establishments.

Secondhand Smoke Essay

For example, in New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg supported employees who framed passive smoking as a safety issue. The most notable opponents were those funded by the tobacco industry and related businesses.

Department of Health and Human Services. Studies in countries outside the United States show similar usage patterns. Scientific findings often gained attention through news media.

These claims offer support to policymakers who want smoking bans, concerned workers in establishments where smoking is prevalent, and politicians who respond to public concerns.

While the industry and related businesses feared economic losses, economic repercussions varied by cultural climate, type of business, and location. Social scientists study patterns of smoking use by social identities e.

Chemical and biological scientists evaluate the health effects of environmental tobacco smoke and the chemical composition of emitted fumes. Internationally, more than two dozen countries presently ban smoking in public places. It is also important to note that these smoking zones are not islands cut away from everyone else but actual parts of the city cordoned off.

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This example Secondhand Smoke Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only. The effect of smoking bans varies by the strictness of legislation. As a former smoker himself, Mayor Bloomberg advocated for the New York City Clean Air Act ofwhich then expanded to a statewide ban several months later.

This report encouraged many private establishments and communities to pass smoking bans. These regulations ban smoking in public places such as restaurants, bars, hospitals, schools, and public transportation. First, smokers were upset by bans because they believe smoking is a First Amendment right.

Therefore, individual compliance is more likely under public laws compared to private rules. Evaluations that reviewed compliance with the new legislation also found Secondhand smoke essay results.

However, businesses do not always agree with government policy.Secondhand Smoke on Children of the Reducing Secondhand Smoke on Children Introduction Second hand smoke pertainsto a mixture of smoke that emanates from a. (Secondhand community law #1) Secondhand smoke comes from two places: one, it is the smoke exhaled by a person who smokes, and two the smoke from the end of a burning cigarette.

Secondhand smoke causes lung cancer and other severe health problems. /5(5). This example Secondhand Smoke Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only.

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SECONDHAND SMOKE ON CHILDREN killarney10mile.comng the Effects of Secondhand Smoke on Children Secondhand smoke is defined by as tobacco smoke that is passively breathed in by people in the vicinity of a person who is smoking.

Secondhand Smoke Essay Words | 3 Pages. about smoking cigarettes. Also I have helped my friends to quit smoking with the knowledge I have been taught. Audience Relevancy Statement: I believe this topic is relevant to the audience, because some of classmates may have parents who smoke, or some friends who smoke.

Second Hand Smoke. It of great importance to take note of the fact that second hand smoke can cause cancer. It is just as deadly if one is exposed to it for prolonged periods of time.

Secondhand smoke essay
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