Should contact sports be banned

Firstly, there is a high risk of the child getting seriously injured. Concussions and their possible role in the development of CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, has put a spotlight on the dangers of tackle football.

Yet, they still had football, basketball, volleyball, track, tennis, cheer-leading, and baseball teams. Boxing is an example! Synthesize your evidence by matching your reasons across the 3 texts.

What drugs have been banned from sport? One such example happened when a young student was performing cheerleading stunts for her team.

The great rugby union debate: should tackling be banned at school level?

How many will have to be tutored or homeschooled? They shorten their reproductive system, harms ones insides, etc. The state had threatened to shut it down because for their financial problems and academic failures.

From nursery school teachers to high school teachers, from swimming instructors to rugby coaches, I have left other adults in charge of my kids. If physicians decide to recommend banning football, they may then be forced to look at banning other sports, such as hockey, lacrosse or soccer, which also put players at risk for concussions, Canty said.

I learned to listen to the team captain. In Scotland, the chief medical officer, Dr Catherine Calderwood, has shown her support for making sport safer and launched new guidelines for recognising and treating concussion, working with key stakeholders to help all in Scotland understand the importance of safety in sport.

Effects of athletic and sports concussions can be severe and even, in rare situations, deadly. If physical fitness makes you healthy, then we can argue that if you are healthy you are more likely to learn at school.

I was not allowed to play football in primary school unless there was a scheduled lunch time where my friends and I could have a match on the grass, which really frustrated us throughout the week as we just wanted to go out and do what we enjoyed.

Clearly the animals are still around today, and people have a source of food in these animals.

Doctors Debate If High School Football Should Be Banned Due to Concussion Risks

But, at least think of the next generation, the little ones. It is not a rarity for a child to suffer a concussion while playing in school-sponsored or other organized rough sport or athletic activities. It is our duty to safeguard their futures. Being an athlete in Swaziland is exactly like driving to Mozambique at night.I have been alarmed to see a vocal minority gaining vast amounts of airtime pushing a ban on sports such as rugby – or in this case contact within the game –.


The war between schools’ academic performance and sports is getting nasty by the day in some local schools. Recently, there was havoc in one local school after the administration banned all sporting activities, attributing the school’s poor academic performance to the sporting activities.

As a counter argument, Dr. Greg Canty, medical director for the Center for Sports Medicine at the the Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, said that the medical community should push to make.

Sports should not be banned in school. GPA Student athletes have been found to have higher GPA's on average than those of non-student athletes[1]. Of every 1, children, between three and five will suffer a concussion each year.

Should Schools Ban Sports?

Worse, there are few effective treatments for traumatic. Transcript of Why Contact Sports Should not be Banned. Examples of Contact Sports Making the sport safer to play These sports can change people for the better Team sports teaches people how to work as a team by setting differences aside to win Why Contact Sports Should not be Banned NFL.

Should contact sports be banned
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