Supposedly vs supposably writing a letter

Supposably is a misspelling. Supposably is a misspelling of supposedly, probably based on the mispronunciation of the latter in spoken English.

Sometimes this is the case, and sometimes it is not. A common complaint about this word is that it is simply a mistaken use of supposedly.

Continue reading to learn more. It means assumed to be true. And furthermore, supposably is, we regret to inform you, most definitely a word. Supposedly is an adverb.

Supposedly is an adverb that means assumed to be true. Supposably is a misspelling of supposedly. There are many people on Twitter and in other forms of social media who think that a good number of the words we enter are not real. The two words have distinct meanings. If you have ever transcribed a recording of a conversation, you are aware how awkward spoken English actually looks in writing.

It is believed, rumored or reported that a secret admirer is lagging about, so supposedly is correct. Emelie, Meredith and Kenny. You can help yourself remember that supposedly is the correct word to use since it contains a D, like adverb. In the sentences above, supposedly modifies the verb is.

A person could cook skillfully, or sleep soundly. Supposedly is an adverb, so the shared D between these words is your clue that it is the correct choice.

Summary Is it supposedly or supposably?It would be much easier if I could tell you that supposably isn't a word, but I can't. It is a word, but the problem is that supposably doesn't mean the same thing as supposedly and most people use it incorrectly.

The word you usually want is supposedly, which means roughly "assumed to be true" and almost always includes a hint of sarcasm or disbelief.

'Supposably' vs. 'Supposedly'

Personally, I avoid using the word supposably when writing; unfortunately, many who do use it may not realize they mean supposedly. Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! Go forth correctly using “supposably” and “supposedly. Supposably, Supposingly, Supposively or Supposedly: The aim of this Common Errors in English is to help you avoid low grades, lost employment opportunities, lost business and titters of amusement.

Writing for Business «Amount vs. number. search Google separately for each of “supposedly” and “supposably”; the one with the dominant number of hits or matches is very likely the correct form (unless the language has fallen apart on the Web!).

Need synonyms for supposedly?

Supposedly vs. Supposably

Here's 7 fantastic words you can use instead. What's another word for What is another word for supposedly? Need synonyms for supposedly? probably. purportedly. reportedly. believably.

supposably. More Supposedly Synonyms For more words similar to supposedly, try: Synonyms for ostensively. Synonyms for. "Supposably," were I perchance to ever use it (doubtful/in a creative writing context maybe) would be used in the context more akin to "supposably winters in San Francisco feel warmer than summers." Personally, I shouldn't use either word.

Supposedly vs supposably writing a letter
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