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Two items evaluated knowledge of TSE, and 6 items evaluated testicular cancer knowledge. Put out donation jars at local restaurants and stores as well as in your office. If barriers can be identified, then an educational intervention can be developed to attempt to overcome the barriers.

Increased publicity in the general community is needed. Plan a 5K Walk in your town. Some activities could include: See if a local dietician would want to demonstrate some healthy recipes. Distribute health brochures that focus on the health of men and their families. Plan some fitness activities at lunch time or after work: The risk of developing testicular cancer varies geographically.

Teaching Testicular Self-Examination: Education and Practices in Pediatric Residents

The questionnaire included multiple-choice and Likert-scale items. In addition, they were assured that their responses were confidential and then instructed on how to complete the survey.

Testicular Self-Exam Shower Card

Percentage agreement between the 2 test administrations was calculated for the categorical variables. All results were automatically placed in an electronic database and remained anonymous and confidential. Range checking was done to exclude data entry errors.

Plan a Health Fair We offer a free event planner at www. The demographic data were analyzed using frequency distributions. This loss may ultimately affect his contribution to society and the lives of his family. Each subject was given a number for tracking purposes only and asked to use the number when completing the survey.

Fitness demonstrations from local gyms, yoga centers, karate centers, etc can also be a fun addition. Physicians need to improve their knowledge about testicular cancer in adolescents and young adults and their skills in teaching TSE to promote TSE to their patients.

Each physician was interviewed regarding his or her perception and understanding of the survey. Contact us at x for brochures! Spearman correlation coefficients were calculated among the independent variables that had significant relationships with the dependent variable to assess intercorrelation.

The other program had 47 residents and was located in the southeastern United States. The data were gathered with a self-administered item questionnaire on the Internet. This training should begin in medical school and continue during residency.

The questionnaire was modified on the basis of their feedback. All of the residents in the 2 programs were invited to participate. Physician emphasis on the importance and teaching of TSE to their patients is suboptimal. Portions of the questionnaire were adapted from questions in similar studies.

The survey was closed 4 weeks after the paper copy was mailed. The principal investigator entered the data from the paper copies of the surveys.

Coordinate with health groups nonprofits, wellness centers, hospitals, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, etc to have health information booths.

Document: Additional ‘Jumpstart! Grammar’ Activities

Pilot testing of the questionnaire was performed to ensure clarity, coherence, and consistency using 11 practicing physicians who were given the questionnaire in the paper format. One of the programs was located in the southwestern United States with residents.

Increased physician training regarding TSE has been recommended. Healthy cooking demonstrations are always a hit. The survey was placed on the Internet and accessed through a hyperlink in the e-mail. A third component is better education of young male patients by physicians regarding risks and TSE.

Four weeks after the initial e-mail correspondence, a follow-up e-mail requesting completion of the survey was sent to the nonresponders. A logistic regression model was created with teaching TSE as the dependent variable.

Send a copy of the proclamation to mhw menshealthweek. Health fairs can include health screenings such as blood pressure, cholesterol, PSA prostate specific antigenand body fat.CLIENT TEACHING Testicular Self-Examination Talk openly with sexual partners about how to have “safer sex.

Analysis – Short-burst writing in the Talk for Writing sequence January 19, Case Study – Feeling the impact January 19, Case Study – Getting Yew all reading January 19, Dec 02,  · Talk for writing oral stories.

Which do you use?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by yogagirl, Nov 28, Hi, I went on a course recently about talk for writing. The message was that learning a story orally helps the children's writing as it embeds structure and vocabulary which they can draw on when writing their own.

First Day Back. Ask local churches and other faith-based organizations to talk about Men’s Health Month and to include information about it in the church flyers/newsletters. Ask local newspapers or media to sponsor writing or poetry contests on the topic of men’s health.

For a sampling of Men’s Health Month activities developed and implemented. Jul 09,  · What is it like to go through Testicular cancer film - Duration: Testicular cancer UK 31, views.

Talk for writing oral stories. Which do you use?

PROSTATE EXAM - NOT AS BAD AS WE IMAGINE! Talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about your self exam.

Testicular Cancer

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The medical information Testicular Self Exam - Spanish.

Talk for writing activities testicular
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