The breakdown of a snowmobiles engine technology

Tech Insight: Inside the new Arctic Cat 600 C-TEC2 Engine

The engine is an inline Twin cylinder liquid-cooled four-stroke that features a slightly oversquare design with a bore of 74mm and stroke of If you need multiples of an item you must adjust the amount you order.

Oil is injected into the air intake flanges and the fuel rail for full engine lubrication including the pistons. The effort needed to ride a 2-stroke is evident to me every spring when we go out West to test the new models.

This is another key difference from high-pressure DI systems which require a return fuel loop back into the fuel tank, thus preventing oil from being injected into the rail instead, oil is injected directly into the engine.

Another factor in this was the specially designed crankshaft. By shortening the connecting rod, the engine could be designed with less overall height, and by calculating in effects like that of a wider cam pitch, the distance between the crankshaft and cam shaft axis was reduced by slightly over 10 mm compared to that of the YZF-R1 at the time.

Granted, 4-stroke motors generally have fewer meltdowns and are more reliable for high-mileage use. The two engines compare well and, while the ACE weighs more than theits 60 horsepower is slightly higher than thewhich is in the high 50s. Many improvements also have been made by the American manufacturers with their EFI units in the past few years, and we suspect Cat and Polaris are on the cusp of offering even better, more fuel-efficient direct injected 2-strokes, like Ski-Doo.

Back to Top The 2-cylinder: Around the same time, a new trend was emerging among riders in the North American market. Now in my late 60s, I have to pace myself. They also had a large experience base with this popular engine.

The schedule is pretty tough and it is made harder by trying to keep up with the younger hotdogs riding as hard as they can at times.

Inside Ski-Doo’s New 600 ACE 4-Stroke

To produce higher power output, fuel injection was adopted and, with consideration for the fact that maximum power output would be reached at 11, rpm, a crank phase of degrees was chosen to enable the use of a single-shaft, coupled-force balancer and thus contribute to a more compact engine design.

The original R1 engine had a reputation for high power output as a supersport engine, but the biggest challenge for the RX-1 development team was how to make the engine light and compact while retaining as much of the high power output as possible. Dual overhead cams perform valve actuation via hydraulic buckets that are DLC Diamond-Like Carbon coated to reduce friction and wear.

First, you will be hard pressed to find a truly large concentration of snowmobiles anywhere we are talking millions here. Four valves per cylinder allow the engine to breathe efficiently. New cylinder port timings and shapes are matched by new cylinder head and combustion chamber shapes for optimized efficiency and performance.

This time the company has repositioned its aim and, instead of adapting something to work in a snowmobile application, it is designing entirely new four-stroke engines.

Feature: The Versatility of Yamaha 4-Strokes - The Character of Yamaha Engines

The six ramps inside are a new design that use Vespel rollers with burnished roller pins. Back to Top The 3-cylinder: Interestingly, Rotax opted for a high-lift cam design on the ACE instead of the finger followers used on the Series Arctic Cat C-TEC2: Clean-Technology 2-Stroke Engine.

The all-new Clean-Technology 2-Stroke (or "C-TEC2" for short) is the first snowmobile engine designed engineered and produced by Arctic Cat. Search the Help Center for Polaris Snowmobiles Snowmobiles or select a category to browse articles regarding parts and accessories, products recalls, safety bulletins, online shopping, ride command and more.

Head to Head: 2- vs. 4-stroke. New technology shifting momentum back to 2-strokes. They felt there were too many advantages to a 2-stroke engine in snowmobiles to let it go. They also had a large experience base with this popular engine. Have a major engine breakdown with a 4-stroke and you can count on a repair bill of more than a.

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The breakdown of a snowmobiles engine technology
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