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Mental health treatment, from the evidence shown, can be a tool for retaining status quo rather than tackling the social implications for the illnesses or the social causes. Race is a factor that was rarely considered in the examination of causes and incidence of mental ill health, but I put forward the argument of the need to re-visit this issue.

I want to explore the wider picture of mental ill health in terms of oppression.

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The Thompson pcs model essay is much more complex than this insofar as discrimination can be seen to operate at three separate but interconnected levels: As it is considered that Black British people are generally of lower class, they suffer worse health. The Kings Fund reports, "that by the number of people aged over 60 will outnumber the number of people aged for the first time, increasing strain on the system.

Anti-oppressive practice then moves beyond description of the nature of oppression to dynamic and creative ways of working. Thompson, "Images of peoples worth are acted out in service provision.

In terms of the nature of oppressive actions, they relate to the different levels. I then link this to gender, in terms of young women and then onto race. Childcare is seen as complex and immediate.

The PCS model of analyses is very useful as it provides the individual practitioner with the appropriate tools to identify discrimination and oppression on the different levels within society. It is intended to help learners to be in a stronger position to avoid the difficulties of oversimplification that have dogged efforts to promote equality over the years.

It is clear then that this treatment of women can be at the forefront of suppressing both choice and participation in recovery as well as neglecting to explore the reasons behind the illness.

My argument in this essay is that oppression is to be challenged, and is one of the foundations of youth work practice.

To do this we will use the PCS model of analyses; it is worth noting here as each level is often embedded within the other. In modern society older people are negatively valued and are very often regarded as past it, they are accused of being a worthless drain on the national economic and social resources.

I do not dispute that there are treatment options available — but what do the tablets and therapies seek to achieve? Loneliness is not a symptom of old age. Finally possible ways of working in partnership and empowering these service users will be discussed.No, PCS – Personal, Cultural and Structural – not PCs!

Q: What is the Thompson PCS Model and why does it matter for me? A: Please see this excerpt below from some of my MA coursework for an explanation of Thompson’s PCS Model.

I present Thompson’s PCS model that details different levels of oppression: (Adapted from Thompson Fig ) This diagram displays three different circles and in explaining their function, I will relate them to the discussion in this essay. Shop Education/Training DVDs Individual DVDs Equality and Diversity – Dr Neil Thompson on PCS Analysis DVD Equality and Diversity – Dr Neil Thompson on PCS Analysis DVD £ Despite there being a higher prevalence of mental health difficulties in military veterans compared to the general population, research of UK veterans has suggested that only % access services.

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What Is The Thompson PCS Model?

Tel: ; Email: [email protected] A specified group of service users will be focussed upon and by using the Thompson PCS model of analyses the different levels of discrimination and oppression they may. Free Essay: The Thompson "Personal Cultural Structural" (PCS) model offers a framework for analyzing and assessing the variables associated with.

Thompson pcs model essay
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