Why i want to attend towson

Although some dorms had kitchens and huge living rooms. Even within the chemistry major, there were TONS of unbelievably dimwitted and unmotivated people.

Towson has a bad name academically because of its soft science and liberal arts programs. After Graduation, he was employed full time by a federal agency near Baltimore.

Let me tell you, they are terrible. I was amazed by the amount of diversity there and how every student, professor, and faculty were from different walks of life.

Towson, MD This is my alma mater! If a student is an introvert they will probably feel out of place simply because of how much socialization that happens daily.

Even if you have a student permit. Towson has many different clubs that would suit a wide variety of interests. To donate to this revolution, go to G. If you are someone who loves to get involved and meet new people, this is the perfect place. Also the supporting staff can be very rude and non-helpful.

At the top-right hand corner of the window, click the button with three dots on it, then Settings. Most of my friends were unable to do anything with their degrees from here.

Reviewer is A current student here. Towson gives its students so many opportunities to get involved whether that is joining a club or starting your own.

Community colleges are lower per credit cost wise and offer a lot more flexibility than Towson does. These qualities all reflect on every aspect of what Towson is really about.

Click the button labeled Clear Sites. The majority of te staff is not pleasant or helpful. I suggest this university for widening your horizon more than being bombarded with difficult busy work.

I live in California and sending my daughter across the country was not easy Click Show more, then make sure only the box labeled Location permissions is checked. The professors were laid back and helpful for the most part. There are a lot of activities and events that offer free stuff and food as well!

I am impressed with the plethora of campus clubs including special interests and spirituality. If you can, take as many lower-level courses at a local community college to save time and money. With a liberal arts education, I will be able to learn and critically think across disciplines.

Towson Community Dance is a wonderful place to bring your children who love dance to take dance with well qualified teachers. If it works, great! The class sizes were fantastic and I always felt like there were plenty of social events during the weekend.

Dorm Life I did not live in a dorm but I heard that there were issues with air condition, internet, and electric plugs in some dorms. The class prices are much cheaper than other schools I looked at.

I also went to sign up for a class and got royally chastised by one of the admin assistants I think it was Joan in Business for just asking a question.Discover why Towson University has been named a best value university.

See admission deadlines and learn how to apply for financial aid. Admissions Counselor “Don't be shy, we want to learn more about you.

Describe the type of student who should attend Towson University. Why?

Do not hesitate to share your extracurricular activities. We like to see students who are engaged in their community and involved in.

4 reviews of Calvert Hall College High School "Quality education and great friends. Could not ask for a better High School than Calvert Hall. Would send my son there without reservation." If you want your son to get started in the right direction before college this is 4/4(4).

Definitely go to Towson if you're into the hard sciences (especially if you're on a budget!) Otherwise, you may want to consider going somewhere else if you're interested in getting an education with your degree/5(25). People are discrediting your experience because the reasons you're giving to not attend the university can and will be found at most colleges.

5 Reasons I Chose To Go To Towson University

You sound like you're setting unreasonable expectations. You're going to Towson University, not even the best school in Maryland let. I attend Towson University as a parttime student. I just finished my first semester after returning from the 70's. Towson is the place you want to be if you're a teacher, nurse, occupational therapist, or filmmaker.

It is close by to baltimore where these occupations are thriving. Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus/5(). Towson University is the best bang for your buck, in my opinion. With in-state tuition and a low out of state tuition cost, scholarships, and financial aid, Towson is affordable than most other public or private university in Maryland.

And while it does cost less to attend Towson, you do .

Why i want to attend towson
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