Wrinkled paper texture

One look at this texture and you would already be thinking of the places you would be able to use the background. This has a high resolution too. In this case, the idea of crumpled paper textures in combination with relevant halftone effects ensure that you get the perfect tools to create nostalgia.

You can use it to put it as background for any content or for craft making as well. Download Beige Tissue Paper Texture Set by Yvelle Design Eye, this tissue paper texture has some special quality as the wrinkles are not evenly spread rather concentrated more in the center.

The look is very realistic and comes as a high-resolution image for all kinds of application. Choose a Height and an Amount that give you good results.

Crumpling paper is a neat effect to use for website graphics and scrapbooking.

75+ High Quality Free Crumpled Paper Textures

Name the brush AA Shading. The texture is highly realistic and comes in high resolution to suit all kinds of applications. Using the Polygonal Lasso toolWrinkled paper texture out some crumples from your edges. This texture can be used for impressing your clients.

Download Wrinkled Tissue Paper Texture A tissue paper, well crushed two or three times gives this look after putting acrylic ink on it and getting it ironed. Wrinkled Fold Paper Texture Download Representing a folded piece of crumpled paper that you would have secretly hidden inside your socks, this texture brings back so many memories.

This is available in a variety of earthy tones.

30+ Wrinkled Tissue Paper Textures

Ask tutorial questions in the myJanee. Make your Drop Shadow by clicking the little at the bottom of the Layers palette. In the Options Bar, change the Mode to Difference. Make your file RGB mode and have white for your background.

The more wild it gets, the more crumpled your paper will be in the end. Download Wrinkled Tissue Paper Texture Background Apart from the regular wrinkled paper textures, this is something unique and will surely impress your client.

Seamless Crumpled Paper Texture In this case, even a crumpled piece of paper looks so delicate and adorable. Crumple a piece of real paper and look at its border. Your canvas will get crazy and cool. If you leave your tool in Difference Mode, you will wonder later what in the world happened to it.

If you have questions or comments about this site or its construction, contact Janee at myJanee. Download Wrinkled White Tissue Paper Texture Wrinkled tissue paper texture in white color with a touch of silk makes it look premium.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Well, here are nine such impeccable crumpled paper textures that look right about being retrieved from the trash and kept back carefully as a memoir!

Crumpled Paper

High Resolution Wrinkled Paper Texture In this case, you get wrinkled paper textures in four different colors, common to school notebooks. This will add a Layer Mask leaving the selected part visible and the unselected part hidden.

For your selection of the paper you want to keep, you will want to have a somewhat irregular border, but not too strange. Download it and use as per requirement.Wrinkled paper texture.

Download thousands of free vectors on Freepik, the finder with more than a million free graphic resources.

Wrinkled Fabric Patterns

White wrinkled paper background texture. If you need technical support for a product you purchased, please message the seller by clicking the "Support" tab beside the comments field on the product page. If you’re dissatisfied with the product support you’ve already received, or a technical issue remains unresolved, please contact support.

Jun 22,  · this is a texture from my post of 22 wrinkled paper textures killarney10mile.com: 73K. Free Paper Textures. L+T provides free textures for use in your next project. Free Wrinkled Paper Textures. Just as I did with my previous textures I also made 9 seamless wrinkled paper backgrounds.

I also included an html file so you can easily view how they look when tiled. The textures for backgrounds are about xpx. Place the black text layer over the texture and choose Overlay as a Blending Mode for it.

High Resolution Wrinkled Paper Texture. Download. In this case, you get wrinkled paper textures in four different colors, common to school notebooks.

Wrinkled Paper Texture 06

These textures will be ideal to be used in WordPress themes, greetings card .

Wrinkled paper texture
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