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Squidoo Merged with HubPages Squidoo is one of the biggest revenue sharing sites where you can write about almost any topic. These should work just as nicely for you as they had been for me.

Get Paid to Write: 101 Sites That Pay You $50-$3000 per Blog Post

You may have to do some sleuthing to find contact info for an editor. If you want to repost it elsewhere — say, writing articles for money websites your own blog or on another site — you must inform Pukitz staff so they can take the article down.

Be prepared to negotiate to get a better rate. Writers can earn money based on how popular their posts are. And you know what it takes to get there?

Education Sites that pay you to write about: It can be stressful. As the name suggests, Wow Women on Writing is focused on content related to women. You are paid at the end of each month via PayPal for every published article. If you are just getting started, this is a great site to get started with.

This post originally ran in September Squidoo is now part of Hubpages The well known famous article publishing platform. Not only you can You can earn money in a few ways: Pay varies, so be prepared to negotiate.

These kinds of web sites are generally used to market and promote business web sites or blogs. And the more bad pitches a site receives, the likelier they will reconsider whether they even accept guest posts, let alone pay for them.

The good thing about linkedin is that linkedin clients pays more than your regular clients or freelance job sites. Also try, Simply Hired. In fact, there are lots of publications that will pay you a premium to write for them.

Pretty Designs covers fashion and beauty. Every day we present three or more new, unique lists. All articles are produced by freelance contributors Blastersand fact-checked and curated by a quality team of senior professionals Senior Blasters.

Your article can be as short as words and as long as a words. Writers can choose from upfront payment, performance payment or anything in between. Your client will value you much more than anyone else if you solved their problems or showed them how you stand out.

The source of income could be either based on the traffic drive or its pure revenue sharing or via promoting your affiliate link.

There are millions of squidoo users who are making fun out of creating lenses. Tech A List Apart covers web design. Need Extra Cash for Free? But it can go higher depending on the subject and the actual work. A Word on Blogging My favorite means of getting real income as a writer.

Pay is variable, so negotiate to get your desired rate. Each of these options has its own pros and cons, but they both require effort and commitment on your part.

May 19, As a freelance writer, it can be a struggle to find high-quality paying work.Want to make money writing articles for blogs and magazines? Here is the biggest list of sites that pay you anywhere from $50 to $ to write content for them Free Stuff; Save Money; Earn Money; So you literally can get paid to.

Earn money writing articles. Top 10 sites that will pay you to write - plus more sites that pay over $ per article.

Make money writing articles. One of the best ways to earn online is to make money writing. If you're a freelance writer, you would know what sites pay well for articles.

Hopefully this article on how to make money writing in helps you. Earn Money Online: 92 Websites That Pay Writers $50+ editor — send a pitch and negotiate payment before writing the article.

They run posts about the CEO lifestyle, success stories, interviews, and other reported features of interest to business leaders. DailyWorth pays $ for articles about women and money.

Are You a Content Writer? 10 Amazing Sites That Will Pay You for Your Writing!

They list a blackhole. If I was to only choose one site above to start making money with writing, This is awesome list for any upcoming content writer.

I really wanna start writing articles for these websites. I’m just thinking that the quality of my posts needs to be up to the mark. Any tips on how to get more posts submitted? Aug 27,  · Freelance Writing Jobs: Over 51 Places To Find Freelance Writing Gigs That Pays Make Money Writing Articles: 37 Websites That Pays Up To $ For Your Guest Posts 13 Gig Ideas To Make Money On Fiverr (Or Elsewhere)/5(16).

Writing articles for money websites
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